Adding pointer of the process with ownership to the oC_Screen_t object

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Implementation reason

The system should be equipped with graphics provider in the next release. The problem is that currently it is not possible to assign a screen for process and more than one process can access the screen at the same time.

Generic Description

It should be possible to assign process as owner of a screen. The oC_Screen_t object should store a pointer to the process that has ownership over the screen. It will be used by graphic providers to give and take ownership over the screens to their programs when it is required. The Screen object interface should also allow for checking ownership of the screen in easy way

Required Interface


// Returns pointer to the process that is owner of the screen
extern oC_Process_t oC_Screen_GetOwner( oC_Screen_t Screen );
// Sets a process as owner of the screen
extern oC_ErrorCode_t oC_Screen_SetOwner( oC_Screen_t Screen, oC_Process_t Process );
// Returns true if current process has ownership over the screen
extern bool oC_Screen_HasOwnership( oC_Screen_t Screen );  


Link to trello board:


  • [ #245 ] - Providing support of standard system providers

List of requirements

  • [ #237 ] - It is possible to assign process as owner of a screen
  • [ #237 ] - Screen interface allows for assignment of process as screen owner
  • [ #237 ] - Screen interface allows for checking if current process is owner of the screen

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