Doesn't work with 'nice' urls

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This does not work for me when I use 'path' as url format.

In the file cocowidget.js the action url is concatenated using '&action=upload' even when path style urls are used. This will result in a 404 error (since the url will be missing a question mark and so no url parameters will be present).

Perhaps easier to understand with an example: This url (using "path" in the url manager" will obviously not work

cocowidget.js needs to test if there is a query string present and set the first delimiter to "?" or "&" accordingly.

Other than that, thank your for the nice extension !

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  1. Christian Salazar repo owner

    thanks for your words. yes it is possible for coco to not work well using path urls, maybe in a short comming future.

    maybe you can solve this using an .htaccess file..?

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