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MuteObjectsToggle.jpg CV-Hide/Show Objects Toggle

Hides and disables all selected objects. Alt Restores toggled objects to default visibility & enable settings.


  1. Select an object.
  2. Run the command to add a protection tag.
  3. Run the command again to remove the protection tag.

LockObject.jpg CV-Lock Object Toggle

Adds/Removes a protection tag from the selected object.

ToggleSDS.jpg CV-Toggle SDS

Toggles off & restores state of all subdivision surface objects in your scene. Hold any modifier key to force all on.

Colors / Materials

RandomizeObjectColors.jpg CV-Randomize Object Colors

Assigns random colors to selected or all objects in the scene.

LocalizeMaterial.jpg CV-Localize Material / Texture Tag

Creates and assigns a new material to objects based on the selected texture tag, or parent material.


  1. Select some texture tags or objects (if both tags and objects are selected, only tags will be updated).
  2. Run the plugin

A new material with the name of the object will be created. The texture tag will be updated to reflect that.

Order of Operations

  1. If you have a texture tag selected anywhere, the command only operates on that, not the selected objects.
  2. If you don't have any texture tags selected, it will localize the right-most texture tag on all selected objects.
  3. If you don't have any texture tags on your objects, it will create a local texture on all selected objects.

TextureTagToggle.jpg CV-Texture Tag Toggle

Temporarily disables material links from texture tags. Hold down any modifier key to apply the selected material.

To Toggle Selected Texture Tags

  1. Select the texture tags you wish to toggle off and run the "CV-Texture Tag Toggle" script.
  2. It will unlink the texture tags from their materials and invisibly store the information within the tag.
  3. To toggle them back on, just run the script again.

To Toggle All Texture Tags on Selected Objects

  1. Ensure that you have no texture tags selected (as these will always take priority over selected objects.
  2. Select the objects you want to toggle.
  3. Run this script.

To Toggle All Texture Tags

  • If you run the script without any texture tags selected it will turn off all of the texture tags in the scene.

To Replace All Materials with the Selected Material

  • Hold down any of the modifier keys and run the CV-Texture Tag Toggle command. If you have more than one material selected the default "No Material" will be used.

Buffers & Layers

AddToObjectBuffer.jpg CV-Add to new Object Buffer

Adds selected objects to a new buffer. Hold Alt/Option to add each to a unique buffer.

  • Default Behavior
    • Adds selected object to a new buffer
    • Updates all child objects to include the new buffer
    • If being added to an object whose parent has a compositing tag, the new tag inherits all of those properties and buffers.
  • Shift Don't inherit from parent
  • Alt Don't propagate to children

AddEachToNewLayer.jpg CV-Add Each to New Layer

Adds each top-level selected object to a new layer along with its children.

Object-Based Selection

SelectSimilarObjects.jpg CV-Select Similar Objects

Selects all objects in the scene that are the same type as the first selected object.


  • Doesn't support multiple selection

SelectParents.jpg CV-Select Parents

Deselect selected and select parents. If obj has no parent, obj remains selected.

SelectSiblings.jpg CV-Select Siblings

Selects all objects under the same direct parent as the selected object.

SelectCousins.jpg CV-Select Cousins

Selects all siblings and objects at same hierarchy depth under the same top-level object.

SelectInvisible.jpg CV-Select Invisible

Selects any objects set to invisible in the editor OR the renderer. Newly selected objects will also be unfolded.


You can hold down modifier keys for different modes when calling the command:

  • Shift Adds to current selection
  • Ctrl Toggles the current selection for invisible objects
  • Alt Subtracts from the current selection

Tag-Based Selection

SelectSimilarTags.jpg CV-Select Similar Tags

Selects all tags in the scene that are the same type as the first selected tag.

SelectTags.jpg CV-Select Tags

Select tags of all selected objects.

  1. Select the object whose tags you want to select
  2. Plugins > CV-Object Manager Tools > CV-Select Tags

SelectTagObject.jpg CV-Select Tag's Object

Selects the object(s) that the selected tag(s) are attached to.


SortAlphabetically.jpg CV-Sort Alphabetically

Sorts the selected objects alphabetically, will not sort objects w/ different parents. Hold down alt/option to sort reverse alphabetically.


  1. Select the objects you want to Alphabetize.
  2. Run this script.