To force a GUI style (instead of letting the desktop environment create it) will avoid visualization problems

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Issue #359 new
Iago París created an issue

The interaction between swing and the desktop environments (linux in particular) when is left to them the visual representation of OpenMarkov is problematic is some aspects.

This issue gathers every issue in the tracker solved by forcing a GUI and some more, new related issues will be added directly here.

Issue number Brief description Windows 7 Windows 10 Linux Cinnamon Linux Gnome Linux KDE Linux Xfce iOS
#342 Contextual menu of multiple-document interface don’t work below OS taskbar - OK X OK OK - -
#346 Radio buttons are invisible when unchecked - - X - - - -
#346 Jtrees don’t show [-] buttons - - X OK - - -
Described below 1 Selection and normal background colors are the same in cells - OK X - - - -

Issues described here:

  1. When double clicking a cell (for instance in a probability table) the content is automatically selected. This is not obvious in some desktop environments since the selection background color is the same as the background color.

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