Saving the report of temporal evolution

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Issue #365 new
Francisco Javier Díez created an issue
  1. The value 0, for the index of the first cycle, should be in cell B1, not in C1.

  2. The matrix should be transposed, i.e., each cycle should be represented in a row, not in a column.

  3. OpenMarkov should ask for confirmation before overwriting a file.

  4. The path used to store the file should be remembered for storing future reports, at least in the same session of OpenMarkov.

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  1. Carmen Yago

    When trying to save the table of the temporal evolution of MID-small (from Issue #364) without the decision node (MID-small2.pgmx), OpenMarkov raises a NullPointerException and does not create the .xlsx file. I have enclosed the pgmx and the Message Window above.

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