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Download the subproject OpenMarkov full

We assume that you have sent your data to as explained in OpenMarkov's developers page and you have received a message whose subject is "Notification: You have hereby been granted read access to org.openmarkov.full".

In Eclipse, create a new project by clicking on File > New > Project ... > Mercurial > Clone Existing Mercurial Repository.

Enter as the URL. Enter your Bitbucket username and password. Accept the default values for everything else.

Then, you will have a single Java project in Eclipse, namely org.openmarkov.full. This project points at the rest of the OpenMarkov's modules through its Maven Dependencies. Eclipse will automatically download these dependencies from our server to your local Maven repository. As a result, you will be able to navigate through the code of all the modules of OpenMarkov in the Package Explorer view just by clicking on the corresponding jar inside the 'Maven Dependencies' section.

Eclipse will allow you to edit your local copy of the full subproject (downloaded from the Bitbucket server) but it will not allow you to edit your copy of the other subprojects (downloaded from the Nexus server)—see OpenMarkov's organization.