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Joshua Boyd
created an issue

This would mean configuring one or more services, and then adding an image per service to the file.

I suggest the services ( ) for Linux testing and appveyor ( ) for Windows testing. Both are free for open source projects.

Optionally, there is also the Coveralls ( ) service for doing code coverage checks, also free for open source projects. Unlike the first two, I haven't used this service myself yet.

If interested, I'd be willing to help get this setup, but I thought I'd file an issue first to gauge interest.

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  1. raz repo owner

    Hi, I would like to add CI, but the last time I checked, I couldn't really find anything that was easy to set up and offered Bitbucket integration (many were Github-only).

    So I've looked now at appveyor and, but their Bitbucket integration is too intrusive. e.g: Read and modify your account information Read and modify your team membership information

    Either the Bitbucket OAuth is crap or both of those companies don't understand security. The repo is public, they should at most require access to create new tickets. Or am I missing something?

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