test "TestExecution_For Loop_Nested_ConditionalBranch.vi" failure

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Issue #23 resolved
Chris Cilino created an issue

Test “Test Executive\Tests\Test Test Exec Ref Execution\TestExecution_For Loop_Nested_ConditionalBranch.vi” is behaving incorrectly. There is a case structure in a for loop set to iterate 3 times. However the test in the internal case structure only gets executed twice.

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  1. Chris Cilino reporter

    Jon and I did some investigation. for some reason the initial “for loop test” is unveling the problem. We see the for loop iterate the correct number of times. But for some reason the “for loop test” is confusing the executioner and instead of running the Executed True Contition Test, it executes “branch true”

  2. Jon McBee

    I have marked this as resolved as the bug has been addressed with the most recent commit. I have not built up a new G Package yet though.

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