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Welcome to COSMOS

COSMOS is the Comprehensive Open-architecture Solution for Mission Operations Systems, a software framework with source code for space mission operations, simulation and flight software. (Note: We are in the process of updating the COSMOS website and documentation but it is still a good place to get started and learn about COSMOS: or What is COSMOS?)

This tutorial is currently geared towards COSMOS developers and will later be expanded for regular users. If you feel that some information is not clear, feel free to speak up and let us know (or add your contributions directly to this repo).

To simplify your life, use one of the following operating systems: Win 7/10, Linux Ubuntu 14.04 (or newer), or MacOS 10.10 (or newer). The COSMOS code is tested on these OS frequently so if there is a bug it will quickly be fixed. If you are using a different OS and find problems when compiling the code, please let us know by email or submit an issue and we'll try to fix them asap.

The following video shows some of the functionality of COSMOS (no audio). It shows various instances of the Mission Operations Support Tool (MOST) monitoring different CubeSats. At the end of the demo we bring up the COSMOS Executive Operator (CEO) to monitor all the CubeSats at once. But realize that COSMOS is much more than what you see in this demo. In fact COSMOS has become a middleware to enable robotic and embedded system operations.

Use the full screen option for a better experience.


If you want to jump into the doxygen COSMOS/Core API directly go to

1) Option 1: quick setup (Linux or macOS only)

If you are using Linux or macOS you can use the quick installer from here

We will be providing a Windows installer soon, but before that is made available please follow the manual setup instructions - option 2.

2) Option 2: manual setup

If you're going to be a developer for COSMOS, you will need to follow these instructions. To integrate with the COSMOS software you need to properly setup your computer with some essential tools and libraries. These include Qt, Qt Creator, Cmake, Git, Git client, etc. Follow the instructions for the OS you are using:

Select Your OS

After getting COSMOS installed and built, jump into the tutorials for: