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Issue #111 resolved
Martijn Luinstra created an issue

The unsubscribe from mailing list experience is not good, as indicated by this email we received on 2020-01-29.

Implement the following:

  • Proper feedback on unsubscribe action.
  • Better error if member is already unsubscribed.

Dear AC/DCee,

I know you've got a bug tracker somewhere, but I can't currently find it and I do think it is a mistake so hence the mail.

I've attached a page that I ran into while unsubscribing from the book sale announcement list. The ID is really nonsensical for anyone that is not familiar with Cover and knows their memberID. Furthermore, the reason I got this was because I pressed the unsubscribe button on the landing page that I got while the subscription was still active. The reason I pressed twice was that I did not see an visual update or confirmation that I was unsubscribed.

Do with it what you want, but I hope to have helped you.

With kind regards,


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