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Issue #53 resolved
Jelmer van der Linde created an issue

Sometimes photos are added to an existing photo album. The album receives the "new!" badge, but you have no idea about which photos are new.

Possible implementations:

  1. Highlight new photos. Downside is that all photos are highlighted when you access a new album for the first time.
  2. Add a separate "New!" section before the rest of the album, only shown if there are already old photos.

A problem with the current implementation of how the "new" label works is that it uses the timestamp of when the album was last viewed to decide whether there are any new photos. Once you navigate away from the album (e.g. by clicking on a photo) and then return, all information used to determine which photos were new is lost.

Comments (4)

  1. Jelmer van der Linde reporter

    Currently implemented by highlighting new photos … once. But that works due to the photo popup not causing a reload of the photo album page.

    Not implemented in special photo albums, such as the faces & liked albums.

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