Add caching to slider plus setting

Issue #11 resolved
Manoj Solanki created an issue

Add Moodle caching. Also add a setting allowing it to be configurable with a default of 5 minutes.

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  1. Manoj Solanki reporter

    Fix #11. Fix issue following testing to ensure cache is rebuilt once cache expiry time really expires. Previously last build time was based on last user access so this change will ensure they don't miss announcements unnecessarily.

    → <<cset 8d337f40833a>>

  2. Manoj Solanki reporter

    Fix #11. Updated to handle the non-existance of lastcachebuildtime array parameter during first run of caching (usually when first installing, or updating slider to a version that includes caching functionality.

    → <<cset eb8b18980625>>

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