JS error when using more than one news slider on a page

Issue #30 resolved
Manoj Solanki created an issue

When adding a second new slider block, the following error appears when inspecting code. The slider still appears ok though.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of null at Slick.initADA (slick.js:2590) at Slick.init (slick.js:1215) at new Slick (slick.js:177) at jQuery.fn.init.$.fn.slick (slick.js:2662) at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (block_course_slider.js:54) at Function.each (jquery-3.1.0.js:368) at jQuery.fn.init.each (jquery-3.1.0.js:157) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (block_course_slider.js:32) at mightThrow (jquery-3.1.0.js:3508) at process (jquery-3.1.0.js:3576)

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