Replace breadcrumbs home icon when both 'home' and 'myhome' are set in navbar

Issue #569 open
Jeremy Hopkins created an issue

Replace breadcrumbs home icon when both 'home' and 'myhome' are set in navbar as per PR17.

Adding in separate issue as this was easier than merging.

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  1. Jeremy Hopkins reporter

    I think the folder icon should be the default, or at least the home icon should not be the default as there is often another home link above it.

    If you disable the home link in navbar then the "home" icon returns to the breadcrumb.

  2. Info 3bits

    The folder icon confuse users. The default icon should be the home even in Dashboard page.

    Or any case, add a setting to set the home icon.

  3. Jeremy Hopkins reporter

    The folder icon should only appear when the home button appears in the navbar, I think it was added because having two home icons one above the othert which potentially took you to different pages was also confusing.

    What I would suggest is adding a setting for this, we can default back to the home icon but allow it to be changed by those that want to.

    I will also double check the logic behind swithcing between the icons,

  4. Info 3bits

    Then better display the home icon when redirect=0 and the Dashboard icon when user main page is Dashboard.

    The existing folder is confusing

  5. Info 3bits

    Also the icon/text setting is not working and the folder is not clickable.

    Moved to blocker because the breadcrumb is actually useless

  6. Info 3bits

    The icon shows also the only error validating HTML:

    Element i not allowed as child of element ul in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

    <ul class="breadcrumb"><i class="fa fa-folder-open-o fa-lg"></i></ul>
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