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Issue #590 resolved
Jose Rivas created an issue

In last version in grader report all participants table in any course the first column is the name of the participants, until this version the first column was always visible.

From last version this column dissapears as the teacher scrolls to the right.

All teachers are very dissatisfied with this functionality. The first column should stay visible allways as it was happening with previous versions.

Please take it into consideration. It would be grateful to have that functionality back again.

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  1. Mark Iannone

    I am having the same problem with this theme. On 3.1 Moodle it works and on 3.2 Moodle the names do not stick in the gradebook when it is scrolled. This makes it impossible to put marks in accurately. I had to go to the clean theme. I really like the front page look of adaptable and spent a lot of time customizing the look. Please fix this issue. Thank-you!!!

  2. Jose Rivas reporter


    Some of my users are asking me to change the moodle theme due to this issue. I'm trying to keep them calm and patient. it would help me to know which is your position about it. Do you consider it is an important point to solve? if yes can you estimate any due date?

    Thank you very much for your patience.

    Also congratulations for your fantastic work!!!

  3. Mark Iannone

    I have gone to the clean theme until this issue is fixed. As a teacher with lots of grades it is impossible to keep track of which row belongs to each student. I will switch back when the issue is fixed. I also really like the look of the adaptable theme.

  4. Jeremy Hopkins

    This feature only ever worked if blocks were aligned to the left side, there was some code in BCU and subsequently Adaptable that forced left aligned blocks even if the site was set to right align which was a bad hack but worked.

    That code no longer seems to be applying and blocks stay right aligned which wont work properly.

    That can probably be fixed easily but even when blocks are left aligned the first column is not fixing now.

  5. Emma Richardson

    This is probably the most important fix in my book. This issue alone is stopping me from upgrading to 3.2 on several sites.

  6. Mark Iannone

    I agree. I thought we were told that this was going to be looked at weeks ago. Teachers with large grade books cannot enter grades accurately. It really sucks!

  7. Manoj Solanki

    Fix #590 . On the Grader Report page, make blocks align left regardless of the layout setting for 'Location of the blocks' and remove css setting for grader table. This allows the first column to remain visible when scrolling right.

    → <<cset a424d143fc2f>>

  8. Jose Rivas reporter
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