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agtools / Host Development Environments

Windows 32bit or 64bit:


see Vincent's site for link to installer

Environment Variables

Just add the agt bin/ directory to your executable search paths. The tools are mapped via shellscripts to help support Mac/Linux but on Cygwin these in turn just map to default search paths.

(The $(AGTBIN) env var is not used).

GNU make

Use the Cygwin package installer

Atari MiNT GCC 4.6.4

see Vincent's site for link to installer

TortoiseHG (Mercurial SCM GUI) Optional, but preferred for keeping the source repo up-to-date, compared with downloading the .zip snapshots. If you don't have experience with Mercurial, better stick with the .zip files for now.


AGT has been tested on Ubuntu 16.10. It should work on any distro providing you can install the prerequisites:

Environment Variables

configure $AGTBIN to point at the agtools/bin directory. e.g.

> export AGTBIN="$HOME/Projects/agtools/bin"

You can add an equivalent line to your profile to ensure it is configured each time you log in.

Mercurial SCM

> sudo apt-get install mercurial

Wine Windows emulator

> sudo apt-get install wine-stable

Atari MiNT GCC 4.6.4

follow this link for instructions

Note: while Ubuntu 16.10 is the currently supported release, some earlier releases still have support. Change the deb source to suit:

Release         Name                Source Dir
16.10           Yakkety Yak         yakkety/
16.04           Xenial Xerus        xenial/
14.04           Trusty Tahr         trusty/
12.04           Precise Pangolin    precise/


Details to follow...

Mercurial: Non-Windows Systems:

If using Mercurial from the commandline, obtain an initial clone of the source repo with the command below. You only need to do this once.

> hg clone

To optionally preview source changes still waiting on BitBucket but not yet pulled use:

> hg incoming

To actually pull new changes from BitBucket use:

> hg pull

To update to the latest revision of the source after pulling changes use:

> hg update

Mercurial: Windows Systems:

On Windows you can use the TortoiseHG GUI integration if you prefer to install that. Otherwise you can use mercurial in the same way as for non-windows systems (commandline version) after installing it via the Cygwin package mananger.


One of the sprite cutting formats (.emx) requires the 68k assembler rmac to generate the binary data for each sprite frame. agtcut will try to shell out to rmac.exe in order to do this. However it expects to find rmac on the system path.

So if you get errors from agtcut trying to invoke rmac, either add the tool to your (Windows) $PATH or switch to one of the other sprite formats which doesn't depend on the assembler (.ims, .ems).