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Calculator Pi

Calculator Pi is a simple text input calculator, inspired by Windows XP PowerToys Power Calculator and TI graphing calculators. Simply type in your math expression and press enter.

Current features

  • Basic operations 2+3=5, 5-2=3, 2*3=6, 6/2=3
  • Exponentiation 2^8=256
  • Order of operations 1+2*3^2=19
  • Parentheses (1+2)*3=9
  • Constants pi, tau, phi, e
  • Answer preview displays current answer while typing
  • History recall up/down arrow keys
  • Answer preview displays answer while typing

Future enhancements

  • Functions sin(pi)=0
  • Custom variables x=5, x+2=7
  • Syntax highlighting different colors for numbers, operators, and variables
  • Color themes orange might not be for everyone