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Downloads of the Daikatana 1.3 Project

Before downloading check out the Patches page if you are using v1.0.

See Installation for further install instructions and on how/where to get the game data


Operating-System Specific Downloads

  • Windows pre-Beta version from 2018-01-24
    • To download Pak5.pak (optional 32-bit textures) and Pak6.pak see Additional Maps and Textures or use the Windows Auto-Updater
  • Windows pre-Beta version from 2017-09-20 with Pak5.pak and Pak6.pak
  • Linux pre-Beta version from 2018-01-24
  • OSX pre-Beta version from 2016-07-14
  • FreeBSD pre-Beta version from 2016-07-18
  • Latest changes:
    • Fix tram doors on e4m4a disappearing on fast machines and autosaves. DK 1.2 bug.
    • Fix door areaportals (and other linked entities) from autosaves not working on fast machines.
    • Added gl_maxsurfacesprites CVAR for performance tweaking on old machines.
    • Fixed a bug with not removing sprites when hard limit is reached.
    • Fix enemies climbing on top of each other to get to you (i.e. Skeletons and Prisoners).
    • Fix crash with charging up the Haedes Hammer and disconnecting from a server.
    • Fix UAC issues with Windows Vista and later with automatic updates. Verified on Vista and 7. If you are having problems with the binary update failing in game or with the update utility please open a ticket on the Issue Tracker.
    • Automatically update DK 1.3 by downloading it in-game and silently installing and restarting the game. (Windows)
    • Verify and automatically update pak6.pak (map updates) in-game with auto-updater. (Windows and Linux)
    • Resolve Issue #207. Discus no longer plays the bounce sound or emits sparks when it ricochets from the skybox.
    • Fix disconnecting with ctrl+q keyboard shortcut occasionally crashing servers.
    • Fix weird invisible "zombie" players that recently disconnected that had a bbox that you could walk through and get weird prediction errors.
    • Fix prediction errors from pmove code with regards to jumping and swimming. Player movement is now Quake 2 smooth on servers.
    • Fix spectator origin not following chase cam entity. This fixes sounds not playing from the chase cam entity.
    • Fix sounds from other players not playing in OpenAL.
    • Fix timegraph and netgraph CVARs. This is an old bug from RTM.
    • Prevent bad teleport destination epairs from crashing the game. Reported by Dekonega.
    • Prevent maps with no episode epairs from crashing the game. Reported by Dekonega.
    • Fix novabeam performance on slower computers (especially intel integrated and older).
    • Added cl_particles_blood_reduced CVAR to limit the total number of particles emitted from blood/dust "puffs". Good for older hardware without totally having to disable particles.
    • Added gl_maxparticles CVAR to limit total number of particles for older hardware. A good value to start with is 850-1000. Average particles in a map like e1m1a have over 4000 particles per frame(!)
    • Fix 3DFX performance being slower than v1.2 since 2014. Use gl_vertex_arrays 0 and gl_renderer_legacy 1.
    • Fix 3DFX OpenGL ICD driver segfaulting on Win9x.
    • Fix #200 and #217 for International Builds
    • Feature Request #212
    • Fix #218
    • Enemy projectiles are no longer clipped against you. Just like in Q2. This means no more lagged feeling when being hit by an enemy projectile.
    • Fix an e3 deco models bbox which was causing weird prediction errors in the first hut of e3m1a.
    • Fix #190
    • Fix #179
    • New options menu.
    • Fix teleports with large matches and players getting stuck.
    • Tourney mode.
    • Spectator bug fixes.
    • Spectator scoreboard.
    • Verify pak1.pak, pak2.pak and pak3.pak on first startup for v1.2 files. (Windows and Linux)
    • Fixed more crashing bugs in coop
    • Reverted some memory leak fixes as they were causing stability issues in multiplayer
    • Fixed some crashing bugs in coop
    • Auto-update checker (Windows)
    • Language selector (Windows)
    • Installer (Windows)
    • Fixed bugs in Demo recording and playback
      • Also: demoplay foo can now be used instead of demoplay foo.dem
    • OpenAL sound on Windows (you can switch between the old and new sound backend in the menu)
    • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Older changes (of 2016-03-26 and before)
    • Please update pak6.pak (see below for Download), unless you're using one of the big Windows Downloads
    • Support vid_gamma/Brightness settings (#4)
    • Fix reported ping on dedicated servers (might also make playing smoother; #146)
    • Fixed some crashes, including one with new network protocol
    • New network protocol with heavy optimizations from Knightmare. There may be subtle bugs with weapon effects, etc. Please thoroughly test and report. Any changes made to fixing this protocol will break between updates. Demos recorded from this pre-beta to a declared stable build may break and will not be supported if updates to the protocol are required.
    • Completely new protocol. Includes HTTP downloading, spectator support, map voting, and much more!
    • Please test thoroughly. There are many new changes.
    • Includes the glow textures, 32-bit textures, and updated maps and nodes. Please test these new maps thoroughly and report any new node path issues and other map quirks.
    • Servers will be rolled over to this new version and be required.
    • Linux/OSX/FreeBSD specific: OSX-support, better AZERTY-Keyboard support, misc. bugfixes

Additional Maps and Textures

  • pak6.pak containing fixed/updated Levels from 2017-08-18
    • 2017-08-18: UPDATED Fixes issues #205, #206, #209, and #216.
    • 2017-03-11: UPDATED fix monsters getting stuck in the large gate in e3m3b.
    • This file is missing in the Linux, FreeBSD and OSX builds and the "SLIM" Windows builds, to keep download file sizes low. You probably want this!
    • extract and put the contained pak6.pak into your daikatana/data/ dir
  • 32-bit textures: pak5.pak
    • Unzip and put the pak5.pak into your Daikatana/data/ directory.
  • A pak9.pak containing most user community maps (excluding some unfinished/unpolished ones): pak9.7z.
    • un7zipand put the pak9.pak into your Daikatana/data/ directory.
    • Readme.txt.


  • Raw WAV soundtrack. Normalized to -1db for all tracks. For use with builds after July 4, 2016 with s_preffered_music_format and s_preferred_music_extension CVAR on OpenAL Windows Builds. Large file! Over 800mb!
  • FLAC soundtrack. Normalized to -1db for all tracks. For use with builds after July 4, 2016 with s_preffered_music_format and s_preferred_music_extension CVAR on OpenAL Windows Builds. Large file! Over 600mb!
  • OGG soundtrack. Normalized to -1db for all tracks. For use with builds after July 4, 2016 with s_preffered_music_format and s_preferred_music_extension CVAR on OpenAL Windows Builds. Approx. ~300mb.

Editing Tools

Language Packs

Additional Stuff