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Caesaria / Linux compile / install / run instuctions

Installation of CaesarIA on Linux

Open up a terminal and follow the instructions below. Terminal commands are denoted with a "$", this character should not be included with the commands. Depending on which distribution and version you are running the instructions will differ. To find out what you are running, run:

###Install dependencies### Ubuntu and Debian

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential g++ ctags git cmake p7zip-full wget

Ubuntu 14.04

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential g++ exuberant-ctags git cmake p7zip-full wget


$ sudo yum install make automake gcc gcc-c++ ctags cmake git p7zip wget

openSUSE 12.3/13.1

$ sudo zypper install git cmake gcc-c++

Building the game

First move your terminal to where you want CaesarIA to be installed.

$ mkdir games && cd games

$ git clone

OR $ git clone

$ cd caesaria

$ cmake .

$ make

After compiling, you will have a new folder called caesaria-test with game and updater.linux executable files ( "cd ../caesaria-test" )

Installing resources

These resources are images, videos, configs and sounds needed to run the game. The following commands will download all needed files into the current folder. It contains resources only for testing.

$ cd caesaria-test

$ ./updater.linux --no-exec

You must buy original Caesar III(c) game and use their resources.

Running the game

In order to start the game, simply execute the CaesarIA binary now located in your CaesarIA-test folder:

(Test mode)

$ cd caesaria-test

$ ./caesaria.linux

(Game mode)

$ cd caesaria-test

$ ./caesaria.linux -c3gfx /path/to/caesar3/folder