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Essay writing is an essential part of academics. Students nowadays have to excel in their essay writing skills in order to get good grades in their degrees and to prosper in their professional life as well. Essays are of various types. Each type of essay has its own outline, dos, and don’ts. However, the basic structure of essays remains the same. This includes an introductory paragraph, followed by a few body paragraphs, and the concluding paragraph. This is the very structure that an exceptional essay writeralso follows.

The number and length of body paragraphs in an essay depend upon the desired overall length of the essay. However, even the shortest essay has at least 3 body paragraphs. An expert essay writing servicenot only has good expression but also knows how to present the relevant information in the required number of words within the essay. The introduction of an essay starts with a hook statement that grabs the attention of the audience. It can be a quote, a fact, a question, or a statistic. After this, some background information about the topic and why the topic is important, and what's the problem of the statement is highlighted. The introduction must end with a thesis statement that should highlight the viewpoint of the writer or the overall argument developed in the essay. This statement shall not be weak but opinionated, assertive, and strong.

Each body paragraph shall start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence is the one-liner about the information presented in the paragraph. The topic sentence at the start of each body paragraph must support the thesis statement presented in the introductory paragraph. The content in the body paragraphs must be supported using reliable sources. The last sentence of the body paragraph shall link the current paragraph with the upcoming body paragraph. The last paragraph is the conclusion, it should start with the reiteration of the thesis statement. After this, summarize all the major supporting ideas you have used in your essay. The conclusion shall end with a closing remark or a call to action. Argumentative essay just like other essays is built on the same pattern discussed above. However, one special characteristic of the argumentative essay is that the thesis statement is the argument of the writer or his stance on the topic. This stance shall not be completely personal rather based on some facts.

Additionally, the writer has to persuade the readers through his essay and bring them to agree with his / her viewpoint through strong argumentation and the use of authentic resources. Hence, an argumentative essay is all about arguing and supporting your point of view on a subject and trying to argue or persuade your readers why your argument is valid. For any student struggling with essay writing and looking for help from an essay writer, below is the sample argumentative essay on the topic of “is competition good?"

Many people seem to live in a world far from reality where it is thought that everyone is equal. However, in the real world that rarely happens. Everyone has their own capabilities and in any field, task, or activity, some emerge as winners while others have to lose. However, the essence of any act depends upon the hard work and enthusiasm that one puts in it. Hence, taking part in various activities that interest a person and giving it their 100 percent is what matters more. This is why healthy competition is good as it motivates a person to put in maximum effort, compels them to work harder, and brings the best out of everyone.

Competition is a great source of motivation for many. This is because when a person has a competitor in the task that he or she has undertaken then the brain of such an individual becomes rushed and produces hormones related to pleasure and motivation. These hormones dopamine and serotonin not only give a sense of accomplishment when a person performs well but also keep a person motivated throughout the task and even for the upcoming venture. Hence, to get motivation many teachers, managers, leaders, and supervisors, often use the strategy of comparing the employees, students, or those working under them and narrating the examples of the toppers or brilliant performers and the perks they get for their good performance. This makes others motivated too. If that person can do and get so many benefits others can also try for it. This motivation is what makes competition a good thing.

Competitions also help an individual develop the skill to handle pressure situations and well loss in a better way. Often in competitions, one finds himself/ herself in an extremely difficult situation. This happens when a person not only has to give a good performance but also has to beat someone else/ this creates additional pressure on that person. If a person keeps his nerves and stays calm under such a scenario then even if he or she wins or loses, he/ she emerges out a more patient, calm, and composed individual. The competition also makes a person work hardest and give out their best performance Dissertation Writing Services". This is because when a person has to simply do a task, he or she will put in a satisfactory effort and the purpose would be to just get away with the task. However, in the case of competition, the objective would be to accomplish the task in the best possible way and surface as a winner. Hence, competition forces a person to give his/ her best performance and brings the best out of everyone. Competition although sometimes becomes extremely nerve-wracking, however, has many advantages. Competitions help a person stay motivated for a task and put in their best effort, competitions also make a person capable of dealing with pressure situations and developing patience and calmness.

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