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CS5220-S14 / startup

Starting on C4

First steps

  1. Let us know you are enrolled in the class! If you are enrolled as of the first day of the semester, we'll know already; otherwise, please email the instructor with your netid to get an account.
  2. Once you have an account, log in by ssh to This is the head node for the cluster. Your login ID and password will be your Cornell NetID and password.
  3. Initialize your setup by typing /share/cs-instructional/cs5220/script/ at the prompt. After doing this, you should probably log out and log back in. (If you use a non-Bash shell, you'll have to modify your config files yourself rather than running the default setup script. If you have no idea what I mean, you're using Bash.)
  4. Clone the class reference software repository by typing git clone

Next steps

  1. If you have not used Unix much, you may want to check out the module on Unix shells from the Software Carpentry project.
  2. Play a little with the module system. You can see what modules are loaded by doing module list; to see what modules are available, do module avail. You can add or remove additional modules with the module load and module unload (or module add and module rm) commands. For example, to load Julia, type module load julia at the prompt.
  3. You may want to start reading about Git, the version control software we will be using for anything shared in this class. We encourage you to use it for your own work as well. If you followed the "first steps" above, you've already used git once.
  4. You may want to learn to set up a key pair for passwordless ssh. We're not going to give explicit instructions for this, since the client side varies depending on your system (and you can use Google, too -- look up "ssh passwordless login" or something similar).