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Team Quality Guidelines

What is it?

While working on a project, have you ever been caught out by something, or narrowly avoided a risk that you'd like to share with the team? Where and how would be the best place to display this information?

Team Quality Guidelines solves this by adding a panel to the Issue Page and Sprint Boards in JIRA. The content of the panel is a set of menus containing lists of potential risks that are contributed by the team. These can easily be modified as the project changes over time. We believe the best place and time to present that information is in JIRA on the issue, as it is open when developers start or finish work on an issue.

Here is an example:


The content of the widget (a simple text file) needs to be stored outside of JIRA and conform to certain rules. It is recommended to use BitBucket to host the content as the most convenient solution. You can sign up for a free account to host your team's guidelines here

Who can see it?

The guidelines are visible to all logged in users. For a public project that uses security levels, visibility can be restricted to team members only.

What format are the guidelines stored in?

The guidelines are stored as a plain text file, and formatted for the collapsable menu according to the following rules:

  1. Top level headings have no indentation
  2. The lists displayed in the panel must be indented
  3. To make some text bold, it should be wrapped in <b> tags

For the example above here is what the text file would like like:

  <b>What</b> will put this feature under stress?
  What could cause <b>a lot</b> of processing?
  How will it handle <b>concurrency</b>?
  Could any objects be <b>out-of-date</b> or no longer <b>exist</b>?


How do I configure it?

Easy! In JIRA, go to the Project Administration screen, select the project you want to configure TQG for. At the bottom, you should see the following panel:


In this panel you can turn TQG on/off for the project, or hide it from non-tea m members. You can provide up to 3 BitBucket urls to guidelines as well as links for users to click if they want to edit the guidelines.

How to obtain BitBucket URL

Once you have created and stored your file in BitBucket, make sure it is public, and then click on the "Raw" button in the top right hand corner.

Paste this URL into the top box (Public URL to Guidelines) in JIRA:


Tip: If you want to avoid repeating this step when the guidelines are updated, you can replace the commit id in the URL with 'HEAD' to ensure you always get the latest guidelines on a page refresh.

How to preview content in BitBucket

If you are using BitBucket to host your content, and want to preview your content, from within BitBucket, there is also an add-on to do this.


By selecting the Team Quality Guidelines file view, your text file will be rendered as it would appear in JIRA.

Follow this link to install the add-on to your BitBucket account: