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  • Present at the dawn of new blockchain generation.
  • On a mission to discover of the futures for blockhain.
  • Linking blockchain R&D community.
  • Knowledge base for freshmen.
  • Boosting playgrounds and experiments.


“One needs Blockchain. Blockchain deserves laboratory: to trial and to error, to divide and to conquer, to explore and to expand. All within reach of the community.”

As cornerstone the blockchain technology is, more it begs for discovery and further research&development. The objective of the initiative for DCoreLabs is to allocate, concentrate and to empower tech-savvy talents to emphasis the innovations within global blockchain non-profit hub: the Hardware/Software Interface. Our focus is to encompass community to expand knowledge-base and experience gained within lab’s playground. In order to fulfil these goals, one requires proper tools to work with. Hence, from the genesis, the DCoreLabs will offer: DevOps tools, playground for prototyping, guidelines, initial setup support and the research topics leveraging leading blockchain ecosystem with user issued assets and content delivery.

Install Docker for MS Windows | Install Docker for MAC OS | Install Docker for Ubuntu

Run Dcore daemon in Docker container | Run dockerized DCore daemon on Windows | DevOps Repository

Lab’s Initiative

  • to simplify integration, application development
  • to quicken the real-world deployment
  • to conduct research on multiple topics: social & technical
  • to refactor blockchain use cases
  • to expand & to benchmark the novelties
  • to develop practical workshops and demonstrations
  • to transform knowledge-base into educational materials

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build Blockchain’s Next-Gen by incorporating surrealism, impressionism and cubism into the hub made of savvy, creative and knowledge-hungry community. Here, at DCoreLabs, we are establishing strong presence via the five cornerstones:

  • refactoring industry standards
  • merging with real-world
  • expanding knowledge-base
  • disrupting the business rules
  • reaching beyond borders

Anyone is welcomed to join and to participate by his/hers own measures.



Research goals and experiments:

  • scalability of blockchain
  • identification of serial and parallel processes
  • study of read/write ratio
  • impact of deduplication of software modules
  • network latency
  • federation
  • replication level for content delivery
  • transaction rate vs cost
  • study of blockchain genesis parametrisation vs objectives
  • qualitative fine-tunning
  • different dynamic of blockchain vs frontends and API calls:
  • benchmark and test of various deployment scenarios
  • identification of bottlenecks
  • develop blueprints, build and display of blockchain technology via micro-computers:
  • e.g. 20-30 node setup
  • playbook setup
  • encompass academic driven network and community
  • quick start tutorial for academia/research/DevOps
  • deployment via preinstalled tools
  • deployment on micro-controllers via templates and orchestration
  • deployment on cloud services via templates and orchestration
  • prepare ready to use use cases
  • consensus mechanism/puzzle game
  • explore possibilities
  • research enclave/oracle approach
  • research voting or market settlement approach
  • explore sustainability models for blockchain autonomy