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Shampoo / UserManagement

User Management

Accessible from the Users entry in the left sidebar.

Users are collaborators working for one or more radio stations. Each user is given access to the Shampoo web frontend. A restricted user is directly bound to zero or more channels, programmes, track votes, track requests and notifications. An administrator is not bound to anything in particular.


Access rights (from roles in first row over objects in first column):

Administrator Channel Administrator Programme Manager Curator Contributor Animator Listener
Administrator R,FU self; R,UL,FU,A,D others
Channel Administrator R,UL,FU,A,D R,FU self; R,UL,FU,A,D others R R R R R
Programme Manager R,UL,FU,A,D R,UL,FU,A,D R,FU self; R others R R R R
Curator R,UL,FU,A,D R,UL,FU,A,D R R,FU self; R others R R R
Contributor R,UL,FU,A,D R,UL,FU,A,D R R R,FU self; R others R R
Animator R,UL,FU,A,D R,UL,FU,A,D R R R R,FU self; R others R
Listener R,UL,FU,A,D R,UL,FU,A,D R R R R R,FU self; R others

R: Read, UL: Update links to other objects, FU: Full update, A: Add, D: Delete

Roles and Credentials

Shampoo is a collaborative platform, multiple users can access shared or exclusive contents, simultaneously. What users can and cannot do is defined by their own credentials.

There are basically two sorts of users: Administrators and Restricted Users. Compared to Administrators, Restricted Users are bound to specific Channels and/or Programmes. Their credentials are limited to the realm of such objects only. For example, a Restricted User bound to a channel A cannot exercise his credentials on a channel B.

Restricted Users are then subdivided into specialized groups, or roles. Each role possesses its own set of credentials. Such roles are:

  • Channel Administrators, who can perform almost everything on the channels they are affiliated to.
  • Programme Managers, whose duty is mainly to administrate programmes and organize and schedule timetables for the channels they are affiliated to.
  • Curators, their job is focused on managing and curating programme contents, they are responsible for the tracks available to the programmes they are affiliated to and have the final word on tracks proposed by contributors.
  • Contributors, they can submit tracks for review to the programmes they are affiliated to.
  • Animator, their job is to build and manage playlists for the programmes they are responsible for, they have access to the programmes channel queue, and are basically in control of radio show presentations and sequences.
  • Listeners possess very few credentials, just enough to enjoy minimal basic features of the radios they are linked to, mostly in read-only access mode.

The current credential system allows a fair amount of flexibility. A user can be part of one or more roles at the same time, and as such exert a narrow range of functions, or at the opposite a wide array of roles, for a channel or a programme. Each role can be linked to the same or a different channel or programme. For example, User A can be the channel administrator of a channel B and, at the same time, a curator of programme D, which belongs to another channel, C.

Given rights never exceed their realm. For example, if a curator A for the programme C and D, decides to remove a track B from programme C; Track B will still be available for programme E, if it was originally linked to both programme B and E.

Add or Edit a User

Whether you are a Channel Administrator or an Administrator you can create new restricted users or new administrators as well. Click on Create user or Create Administrator located at the bottom of the window. Most options are identical for the two sorts of accounts.


Fill in all the appropriate fields and click on Add or Edit when done.

  • When a user is not Active, he is not be able to log in and interact with Shampoo any more; his account is not deleted though, and can be re-activated when needed.
  • The email address is used for receiving automatic notifications when one of the objects the user is responsible for has been added, modified, or deleted. But only if the relevant option has been checked first. The email address is not visible to other users, except channel administrators and administrators.
  • The Rights list is where you define the combination of credentials the user will be able to exert. The list of available options is limited by your own credentials.
  • All dates printed on screen will be converted to the selected user's Time zone if needed.
  • All fields can be edited by the user himself, except his roles, via the Change my profile link in his own user panel, located in the top left corner of the window.