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Extracts from any cannabis plants in Norway are regulated under the UN Convention on Drugs and national drug Although both laws have cannabis extracts listed as drugs, there are no approved CBD-based drugs in Norway, meaning your doctor would have to apply to the Medicines Agency for approval for medical CBD with up to 1%

Before we show you product-specific reviews, here's a look at the ratings of most strains we featured in our Herbies Seeds review: Glookies - 5/5 stars from 8 Peyote Critical6/5 stars from 9 Purple Lemonade6/5 stars from 11 Gorilla Zkittlez9/5 stars from 17

Cannabist Portsmouth is set up at 535 N Birdneck Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23451 which used to be a place called Columbia Care Other dispensaries in the state include Beyond/Hello What kind of weed is available in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, and Newport News?

Australia's two major parties are unlikely to support a Greens bill on the "The Australian Government does not propose to legalise the production, sale and use of cannabis", a

Cannabis seeds are natural, living things and should be handled with When properly stored, you can expect your cannabis seeds to remain viable for approximately 5 years—perhaps After 5 years, germination rates tend to drop; however, plenty of folks have successfully grown plants from seeds that were ten years old or v

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