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DeepEdit or deep-Editor is a computational object-oriented simulation environment for Power Systems. It has been designed as a powerful educational and a research supporting tool in the field of decision making in competitive power system structures. The core of this development is an object-oriented database, which has the capability to manage simultaneously power system technical information, hydro basin information of hydraulic power plants, market agents relations, and GIS.


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(OLD DEPRECATED) DeepEdit Information:

Deep-Editor is an application fully developed in the Java programming language. Therefore, DeepEdit is by definition multi-platform. However, there are some specific toolboxes and functions inside DeepEdit that make use of native-libraries or native-drivers. Most Windows-specific functions are directly related with the use of MS Access database for back-end data storage. Some of the functions that make use of MS Access databases are:

  • Transmission wheeling tools

  • Power Exchange (uninodal and multi-nodal)

  • Transmission analysis tools

  • Some VSI reports created from querying MS Access files

These toolboxes are Windows-dependent and, additionally, require the use of 32-bits Java Runtime Environment. Therefore, user must be aware that, in order to make use of these tools from the ZIP file installation, even when running on Windows, that the JRE 6 32 bits is required for execution.

Windows Versions

DeepEdit for Windows is distributed as Windows installer compressed file. Installation is a straight forward process, requiring to accept the license terms and continuing with the destination folder selection. It is required to be installed in folders with read and write permissions (by the user or group of users). By default, DeepEdit installer suggests My Documents as the default installation path. It is recommended to keep this path unless user has storage limitations or with to install in other Windows shared folders. It's not recommended to be installed in typical Program File folders as these folders may have restricted access to write by other users or even the same installation user. DeepEdit tools usually write results to the default "result" sub-folder inside the installation folder. Failing to install DeepEdit in a folder with write permissions will prevent DeepEdit from writing reports and therefore an unexpected behaviour can occur.

  • Windows 32-Bit Version [3.4.7] (1/jul/2019) <--Support MS Access tools

Google Drive


  • Windows 64-Bit Version 3.4.7 (1/jul/2019) <--Temp: Contact administrator or download the zip file version

Note: DeepEdit 32-bits version can be installed in any Windows (32 or 64-bits) versions

Other Platforms

For other operating systems different than Windows versions, please download the Java-compiled version in ZIP file (ZIP file version) The latest DeepEdit compiled version can be downloaded from here:

Google Drive


Installation from ZIP file version

Simply extract files into a read/write folder location and execute DeepEdit.jar using the following recommended command line:

java -Xmx1024m -jar DeepEdit.jar

Older versions

For older versions, please contact administrator

Development team

If you wish to be part of the development team, please contact administrator