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DEpack / Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements


Deep-Editor es una aplicación desarrollada y ejecutada bajo ambiente Java™.

  • Pentium (Intel o AMD) or higher.

  • 1GB RAM. For memory-intensive calculations such as SEEDS or Long-term Transmission wheeling, at least 2GB is recommended.

  • 100MB of hard disk available (for installation of software files). However, the input databases and files may require case-dependent space. For example, transmission wheeling databases can size of up to 1GB.


Deep-Editor is an application fully developed in the Java programming language. Therefore, DeepEdit is multi-platform. However, there are some specific toolboxes and functions inside DeepEdit that make use of native-libraries or native-drivers. Most Windows-specific functions are directly related with the use of MS Access database for back-end data storage. Some of the functions that make use of MS Access databases are:

  • Transmission wheeling tools

  • Power Exchange (uninodal and multi-nodal)

  • Transmission analysis tools

  • Some VSI reports created from reading from MS Access filesRequisitos:

These toolboxes are Windows-dependent and, additionally, require the use of 32-bits Java Runtime Environment. Therefore, user must be aware that in order to make use of these tools from the ZIP file installation, even when running on Windows, it is required to run on JRE 6:

  • Java Runtime Environment 6.0: JRE 6 (32 bits).

  • Windows 32 o 64 bits.

  • (optional) Microsoft Office Access 32-bits for mdb edition.