Fails to compute post-dominator tree if one path results in an infinite loop

Issue #112 resolved
Michael Eichberg
repo owner created an issue

When we have a method with an (unconditional) infinite loop, the post dominator tree ends up being a post-dominator forest.

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  1. Michael Eichberg reporter

    Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

    • 'develop' of fixes issue #112 cdg and pdt are no longer cached working on consistent control-dependence information fixed a bug if the dominance frontier for a node is empty; i.e., null we can now compute the transitive dominance frontier minor fix to avoid an unnecessary test refined the existing examples of infinite loops added an example related to the most simple case of an infinite loop added a case which subsumes most other cases fixed documentation link added flatMap added a function to iterate over pairings of values added ++=(is : IntArraySet) to the builder we are now setting the shape globally

    → <<cset f5883e1f1390>>

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