cannot create circled part

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I would create a circled part, so i create an arc and enter firstangle=0 and secondangle=360

Nothing is drawn. It is the same as i had entered firstangle=0 and secondangle=0

Entering secondangle=359 draws an incomplete circle, as expected. But i want an complete circle.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    I never did like this. This tool create arc and doesn't circle. And another thing. It is Qt way handle angle value 0°=360°.

    The return value will be in the range of values from 0.0 up to but not including 360.0. qreal QLineF::angle () const

  2. Susan Spencer

    When 1st angle is 0 and 2nd angle is 359 it looks like a circle. I tried 2nd angle as 359.9 and it worked.

    What happens in detail view with a 359 degree or 359.9 degree arc?

    What about adding a check box for circle? It would disable the 2nd angle field when checked.

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