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Everytime the main window or the Preferences window opens, there are error popups from the PNG-library saying

"libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile"

This is with libpng version 1.6.6

The problem and solution is described in

These PNG-files should be stripped as described on this page:

  • src/app/share/resources/icon/config.png
  • src/app/share/resources/icon/32x32/history.png
  • src/app/share/resources/icon/32x32/triangle.png
  • src/app/share/resources/icon/pattern_config.png

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Hi Peter, thanks for bug report.

    I just checked and my Ubuntu still use libpng 1.2.50. :)

    I have several questions.
    1. Did you check all icons we have?
    2. Do you know that you can make fork, fix such simple issues by yourself and make pull request? It is much faster.
    3. Which system do you use? I ask because we seek someone who use rpm based distributions and interesting in creation rpm package.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I am on Fedora 20 which is related to RedHat and uses rpm, libpng is 1.6.6

    These are the only PNG-files which produce an error on loading, all others are ok.

    Is there a good and very short tutorial on using hg?

    For my own purposes i use Subversion which is simple enough for me. If the cheat-sheet is more than one page, it is too complicated.

    Creating an rpm is not so complicated, once you have written the .spec-file

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