Tool triangle causes crash - case 1

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Tool triangle causes software crash in this case: User selects Tool triangle. User selects 1st point of ray (axis). User selects 2nd point of ray (axis). User selects 1st point of triangle. User selects 2nd point of triangle on opposite side of ray from 1st point of line. Valentina creates 3rd point of triangle along ray. User selects Apply then OK. Valentina closes/crashes with no error message.

Note: When User does not select Apply but only selects OK the software does not crash.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    When running Valentina from terminal, and this use case is followed, Valentina crashes/closes with 'Segmentation Fault' error message displayed in terminal:

    susan@Susan-system76:~$ valentina

    Segmentation fault

  2. Susan Spencer

    Here is a video which shows Valentina closing with no error message after 1. creating point with Triangle Tool 2. clicking Apply 3. clicking OK

    Can't upload this to Bitbucket, no videos allowed.

    Hope you're having a happy holiday today! [?]

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