Program hangs when I try to open saved file

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Installed version is (build 75527c13f6f1) running under Windows7.When I try to open the file attached below Valentina hangs forever - does not respond. Pattern file and log are attached Thanks for looking into it


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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Sorry, it seems not possible to attach two files at once from different locations. I had to sign up first to comment and add the second one

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Now i see one problem in xml file:

    <spline type="path" kCurve="1" id="32">
        <pathPoint angle="272.829" pSpline="27" kAsm1="1" kAsm2="0.997855"/>
        <pathPoint angle="270.593" pSpline="29" kAsm1="1.03245" kAsm2="1.09368"/>
        <pathPoint angle="265.533" pSpline="31" kAsm1="0.960228" kAsm2="0.983234"/>
        <pathPoint angle="183.71" pSpline="22" kAsm1="0.995069" kAsm2="1"/>
        <pathPoint angle="194.175" pSpline="22" kAsm1="1" kAsm2="1"/>
        <pathPoint angle="111.467" pSpline="22" kAsm1="1" kAsm2="1"/>

    Point with id 22 repeated three time.

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