Error in the creation of obj files

Issue #267 resolved
Attila Almasi created an issue

If i export an object file from Valentina, it cannot be imported into Blender. It seems that something is wrong with the face definition in the exported object file, because the values for the facec are much to big.


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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Hi, Atlantis89, creation obj is experimental feature. And works very bad. Its looks like some overflow. Can you publish example file?

    Before you will do this i must say that export in obj in current state have one disadvantage, you can't export passmarks. Yes, in current realization we don't have this feature either. This requirement freeze continue developing for this feature.

    We have several ways handle this problem.

    • You could show us that you need this feature. And maybe, we will made changes in our Road map.
    • If you programmer you could help me implement this feature yourself. I can even provide you with my last result. See images in project blog.
    • Wait until we will implement export to obj or Blender plugin (full information about details).
    • In some cases current realization works and we can try fix it.

    I am interesting in this bug because it show a bug in converter coordinates (2D -> 3D).

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