Segmented Curve isn't selected in Seam Allowance tool

Issue #298 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

When selecting a segmented curve in Seam Allowance tool, the original curve is added incorrectly. The curve segments are not selectable. The curve segments are listed in the 'Table of Measurements' under the Curves tab.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    the original curve is added incorrectly.

    If i understood you correct it is not a bug.

    Example: You have curve A_B, you cut curve by point C. Now you have three curves A_C C_B and A_B. If you want only section A_C: select point A, then curve A_B and then point C. Program automatically will cut A_B for you.

  2. Susan Spencer reporter

    No it selects the original curve A_B. See the Details section of the attached *.val file. The curve Spl_A2_A1 was split with A3, to make Spl_A2_A3 and Spl_A3_A1 The 3rd & 4th detail pieces use the original curve Spl_A2_A1 instead of Spl_A2_A3 and Spl_A3_A1.

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