Error when opening .val file

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Hi, I've created a pattern and whist I was creating a layout it crashed and then why I try to open the .val file it throws up this critical error. Please can you help? I'm almost there and I could have done something wrong. Please let me know.

Error - Validation error file D:/Preethi/Personal/blog/Create mulage/Valentina Moulage/Moulage 0.5 armhole neckline.val in line 51 column 194

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Hi, i think your mistake was create point with name L bust

    <point id="27" mx="0.218633" length="front_neck_to_bust_height" lineColor="black" p1Line="26" type="shoulder" name="L bust" pShoulder="1" my="0.0690758" typeLine="hair" p2Line="24"/>
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