Issue #33 resolved
cosina NA created an issue

created points o---o---o seleceted shoulder tool and marked them - shoulder tool creates new line + point

created points o---o

selected shoulder-tool and marked them and valentina crashes.

(don't know the correct usage of this tool - but shouldn't crash anyway)

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Use shoulder tool only in situation like on figure. When we want find point "t", but know only length of line "At". And we don't know length "qt". Only for this situation we need use this tool. If you know length "qt" use tool "among line". Using: 1.Select point q. 2.Select point w. 3.Select point A(point of shoulder). 4.Type length of line At. Need to keep length more than length of qw. Point t will create among line qw. This works good for my situation, but crashes need fix. I still need more information about your way of using this tool.

  2. cosina NA reporter

    I mark the points in alphabetic order. (Happens obviously if i'm adding a to small length value or something...)

    Invalid parameter passed to C runtime function. Debug: A3?2= 23 ?30? = 24 (..\valentina\src\tools\drawTools\vtoolshoulderpoint.cpp:66, static QPointF VToolShoulderPoint::FindPoint(const QPointF&, const QPointF&, const QPointF&, const qreal&)) terminate called after throwing an instance of 'char const*'

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