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Hi Roman, Is it possible to create a master pattern which is like a sloper and then create derived patterns? Example: Master pattern has waist, side, armhole and shoulder dart Derived pattern is for princess seam only which darts are modified to create the princess seams.

What the advantage is that for any person the master pattern is always there and based on design the pattern can be derived from the master pattern.

From software perspective the dervived software would need to have the master pattern software as the starting point.

Advantage is that if any change is made to the master pattern then all derived have those changes.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner


    Is it possible to create

    Your idea is very close to issue #335 "Add Multidocument Mode feature". I think it is possible.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Yes right.. Again this needs rotation capability though. because if I need to work on the neck area, I need to clear the shoulder dart and armhole dart from the neck area and dump it into say side dart. This is so to have a clear area to work on. So without the capability to be able to manipulate darts the multidocument feature wouldnt be of much use. Thanks,Preethi.

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