Import pattern pieces from other designs

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Timo Virtaneva created an issue

It would be nice to import pattern pieces from other .val files.

The idea is to have basic designs like sleeve, pocket etc. in separate files and import to a design when needed.

The import should select pattern piece to import and Valentina would import to selected letter. The used increment values could be imported as well. The imported pattern piece must not have any links to other pattern pieces.

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  1. Susan Spencer

    It's a great idea, and it's needed for building the library of patterns & pattern pieces, see issue [#75].

    There may be a way to import pattern pieces that have links to other patterns. I did it in python by exporting a data dictionary at the end of the pattern piece .py file. Then, at the beginning of the pattern .py file, the pattern piece .py file is called/executed followed by importing it's data dictionary. So there could be a way to do this in C++ with Valentina, perhaps with a visual drag-and-drop way of mapping the data from the pattern to the pattern piece. It may be possible to select options (long or short sleeve, pointed or rounded collar) of the imported pattern piece as well.

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