Change Measurements 'Create new' to 'Create/Edit'

Issue #355 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

Currently it is unclear that users can edit a measurement file.

It would help users understand the feature better if the 'Measurements' drop down menu item 'Create new...' is changed to 'Create / Edit'

Also add an 'Open' icon next to the 'New' icon in the tape.exe top menu bar

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Enable Measurements 'Load Individual' and 'Load Standard' options when no pattern has been opened

    In which program? Tape?

  2. Susan Spencer reporter

    Here's the use case:

    • The user opens Valentina
    • The user does not open a pattern file
    • The user selects 'Measurements' from the top menu bar
    • removed -- The user selects 'Load Individual' or 'Load Standard' from the drop down menu
    • The user selects 'Create / Edit' (which opens tape.exe)
    • The user selects 'Open' icon in the tape.exe menu bar, or selects 'File' then 'Open' from the File dropdown menu.
    • The user selects the measurement file
    • The user updates the measurement file and saves

    Currently the 'Load Individual' and 'Load Standard' options are greyed out until after a pattern *.val file has been opened.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    You misunderstand options the 'Load Individual' and 'Load Standard'. When you create a pattern it has no link to a measurement file. When you need measurements you create this link with options the 'Load Individual' or 'Load Standard'. These options not for working with measurements.

    Users should be able to edit the measurement files independent of opening a pattern file.

    They can. Run Tape independent or through 'Create new ...'. But not create file, just open exist file instead.

  4. Susan Spencer reporter

    Then how about this:

    Change 'Create new' to 'Create/Edit'

    And in tape.exe menu bar add an 'Open' folder icon next to the 'New' document icon

    I changed the description of the issue to match.

  5. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Wait. If you have a measurement file you don't need to run Valentina each time you want to edit the file. You can use double click on a file. Like all normal programs. This is reason why i made this application independent. Also Windows user will have link file (.lnk) on desktop.

  6. Susan Spencer reporter

    Most Users won't understand that!!! Let's make it easy on them and let them edit measurements by going through the Valentina GUI.

  7. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Ok, i will do it.

    But still don't understand what's difficult. You see a measurement file. Click twice on a file and Tape open your file. How is it different from other formats?

  8. Susan Spencer reporter

    Because users can create a file through the Valentina GUI they will want to edit the file via the same workflow.

    It does make sense from a workflow perspective.

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