Add 'Open Recent' option in Tape.exe, 'File' dropdown menu.

Issue #385 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

Add 'Recent' menu entry to Tape.exe, 'File' dropdown menu, between 'New' and 'Open individual'

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  1. Susan Spencer reporter

    Both places would be great! Should I open another issue for Valentina 'Open recent'

    I'm putting these small things in, they're not super essential. They would be good for someone who wants to begin contributing to Valentina code.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Ok, then i don't understand this task. Valentina.exe already shows 5 last opened files. Did you notice this?

  3. Thomas HOCEDEZ

    You can assign me this issue. I'm updating the code, but there are a lot of differences on coding rules between Tape & Valentina... Whereas it's nearly complete.

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