Delete function (Layout) did not work

Issue #405 resolved
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The delete function in layout view did not work. You can select a workpiece and agree for the deletion, but the workpiece is still available .

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  1. Robin Lilian

    When I try to delete my workpiece A (the first one I created) it asks me to confirm, I confirm, and the following message pops up: Fehler - leerer Parameter. Das Programm wird geschlossen. ExceptionEmptyParameter: Leerer Parameter übermittelt name tag: increments in line 10 Full tag: <increments> <increment formula=“32.5“ description=“Die gewünschte Binderlänge, gemessen vom Anfang des Halses an.“ name=“#laenge_binder“/> <increment formula=“0“ description=“von der Seite des Nackens bis zur Schulter gemessen.“ name=“#necktoshoulder“/> <increment formula=“0“ description=“Vom Halsanfang bis zur breitesten Stelle der Brust.“ name=“#neck_to_bust“/> <increment formula=“81“ description=“Beschreibung“ name=“#binderende_umfang“/> </increments>

    Then, the program is closed and when I reopen it the workpiece A still exists. Other workpieces in the same file can be deleted.

  2. Robin Lilian

    I have two custom variables though. If I understood correctly, those aren't stored in the .vit files anyway...

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