Wrong cursor for "Point intersect arc with axis"

Issue #431 resolved
Benjamin Nauck created an issue

When I choose the "Point intersect arc with axis"-tool I get the cursor for "Point intersect curve with axis"

Problem seems to be located here (both toolButtonCurveIntersectAxis and toolButtonArcIntersectAxis is connected to MainWindow::ToolCurveIntersectAxis) https://bitbucket.org/dismine/valentina/src/627eb645c3c99e9e696a650de58c0a3ea7d4bf43/src/app/valentina/mainwindow.cpp?at=develop&fileviewer=file-view-default#mainwindow.cpp-1540

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    This is not a bug. I made this for users. Same tool have two buttons.

    Much easier to make two buttons than explain, that an arc is also a curve and you can use the tool for an arc too.

  2. Benjamin Nauck reporter

    Ok, I understand why you want to use the same tool for both actions but wouldn't it be better to show the icon you clicked on the cursor? That way there's no room for misunderstanding :)

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