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Issue #434 resolved
Benjamin Nauck created an issue

A side effect of 91aff89 seems to be that it is possible to select all modes in a special edge case.

How often does it happen

Every time a specific edge case is triggered

Version and OS

it happens on 91aff897fe4db574d9e3618cef59d751c25e0965 but not the commit before only tested on osx

How to reproduce

  1. open application
  2. file -> new, press ok
  3. click details, press ok on the "You can't use now the Detail mode. Please, create at least one workpiece." dialog
  4. click layout, press ok on the dialog there too

Now all the modes is selected (or at least on osx) since it doesn't seem to deselect the item after pressing ok anymore.

Other notes

If you have a workpiece then everything works fine.

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