Improve feature: Seam Allowance 'Bias' options useful only when seam is vertical or horizontal

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Susan Spencer created an issue

In v. tried to create a .25cm seam allowance width around a neckline curve. The options in the Seam Allowance tool include a 'Bias' offset for x & y values.

The user must use a calculator to create an accurate seam allowance width when the seam allowance is neither vertical (90 degrees) or horizontal (180 degrees).

This approach may need additional tweaking or redesign.


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  1. Susan Spencer reporter

    This approach works well if the offset is horizontal or vertical. Here is an example of a vertical offset where this method works: SeamAllowanceBias_2.png

  2. Susan Spencer reporter

    Here is an example where it seems to work well, but the width of the resulting seam allowance is unknown.


  3. David Arnold

    I think, a possible soltion can be to adgere offset to a line instead of an edge. This way, there is only one possible direction of offset at any time. What is given up (beeing able to have inclined seam allowance) is bearable. Transitions would be sharp.

  4. Susan Spencer reporter

    This issue is very important, I'm not sure that this approach can handle the majority of ways to define a seam allowance. What is needed in most cases is issue #88 Where the seam allowance from, for example, A to A1 is 1cm, A1 to A2 is 0 cm, Spl_A2_A3 is 2cm, A3 to A is 5cm

    The user could apply a bias to a seam allowance after the basic width of each segment has been defined.

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