Bias Asymmetry

Issue #459 duplicate
David Arnold created an issue

Left hand side bias correction shows unexpected behaviour: Capture.PNG Whereas right hand side seems to work fine: Capture.PNG

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  1. David Arnold reporter

    Sure, I was able to nicely carve out the bug. It is when the second point (point in question) lies on a curve (in this case a normal Spl). In the anexed pattern, look for the different behaviour of A10 and A13. Thanks!!

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    First of all you can't make with current detail tool such a trick. And i don't think such trick is illegal at all. In most cases you can only change width, but not an angle.

    If you really need such a seam allowance we must think about adding manually calculated seam allowance segments to the main path.

  3. David Arnold reporter

    I didn't realize the root cause of this is a duplicate of the referenced issue. In this case I think, it is ok to be held on hold. In other words, we don't "really need" this to be working quickly...

    El lun., 14 mar. 2016 a las 6:39, Roman Telezhinskyi (<

  4. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    It is not a 100% duplicate, but rather related to that issue. What you saw was loop cutting.

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