Crash: using CRTL+Z while using line tool

Issue #454 resolved
Robin Lilian created an issue

This has happened two times now: I start using the "point on a line" tool by clicking on the first point. I realise I wanted to do something else and try to abort by pressing CRTL+Z ("go back"). Of course this shouldn't do anything. Instead, the program crashes. I'm using 0.4.2.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    I can't repeat. I think very important to know what command you try to undo. Can you remember this?

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Because i don't know the command you tried to undo i'll just block undo/redo option when the tool is active.

  3. Robin Lilian reporter

    I clicked on the "Punkt auf Entfernung auf einer Linie" (point in distance on a line?) tool. I clicked on one point in my pattern. I pressed CTRL+Z ("undo").

  4. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    No, this is not what i am asking. You can't undo a tool with CTRL+Z. With CTRL+Z you will undo previous command (create, move and so on). I need to know what was this command. This is very important. Because now correct undo will not crash the program. And you have found undo that crashes the program.

  5. Robin Lilian reporter

    Oh, okay. I guess that must have been another "point on a line", though I'm not sure. Will test if I can repeat this now.

  6. Susan Spencer

    I have replicated this issue, but I have to press CTRL-Z twice. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit with Valentina v0.4.2 It happens with other tools. It doesn't appear to be a problem with any given tool.

    1. Create a line with 'Point at Distance and Angle'
    2. Select 'Point at Distance along Line'
    3. Select 1st point
    4. Ctrl-Z - 'Redo save tool option' icon becomes enabled on the top menu bar (does nothing when selected in this context)
    5. Ctrl-Z - Valentina closes

    I tested with these tools and Valentina crashed on the second CTRL-Z:

    • 'Point at Distance and Angle' - (not when it's the first tool in a pattern piece)
    • 'Point along Perpendicular'
    • 'Point along Bisector'
    • 'Special Point on Shoulder'

    I tested by using the CTRL-Q (shortcut key to Exit) in place of the CTRL-Z. The CTRL-Q shortcut key works properly, it displays a prompt about saving changes. Perhaps CTRL-Z is defined as a shortcut key to close without saving.

  7. Robin Lilian reporter
    1. I create a point on a line. I select this tool (point on a line) again, click on a different starting point and press CTRL+Z. The program crashes.
    2. I create a new point. I select this tool (new point) again, click on a different starting point and press CTRL+Z. The program crashes.
    3. I create a curve. I select this tool (curve) again, click on a different starting point and press CTRL+Z. The program crashes.

    This seems to happen regardless of the tool.

  8. Robin Lilian reporter

    I'm on Windows 8.1 32-bit btw. I only need to press CTRL+Z once.

    On the last try (with the curve) I was able to move the mouse (without moving the red line) for a second or so before the program reported an error.

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