Issue with segment of curve.

Issue #458 resolved
David Arnold created an issue

I'll try to explain with screenshots, as it is a bit mixed up: Initial State: Capture.PNG Initial Output: Capture.PNG

Entropy: Capture.PNG Output after Entropy: Capture.PNG

How can I further help debugging?

Some random extra data: Build Revision e91598 (06.03.2016 @ 20:57:59)

<point id="1001405" mx="-1.67861" splinePath="1000723" length="Spl_C22_X21 - Spl_C22_PQ30b  + SplPath_Z8_A8/2" name="PQ34b" type="cutSplinePath" my="1.33634" color="black"/>
<point id="1001408" mx="-2.19601" splinePath="1000723" length="Spl_C22_X21 - Spl_C22_PQ30a  + SplPath_Z8_A8/2" name="PQ34c" type="cutSplinePath" my="1.3733" color="black"/>
<point id="1002410" firstPoint="1001405" typeLine="hair" mx="1.00437" secondPoint="1001408" length="#PIQ" name="D11" lineColor="blue" type="normal" angle="0" my="0.294655"/>

In modeling for unkown to me reason things got duplicated. (Note same 'idObject' as the "D11" point which is part of the malicious group)


            <point id="1002469" idObject="1002410" inUse="false" mx="-1.35606" type="modeling" my="-1.88671"/>

            <point id="1002533" idObject="1002410" inUse="true" mx="1.00437" type="modeling" my="0.294655"/>

Where only the second item is used in details:

                <node idObject="1002531" reverse="1" mx="0" nodeType="Contour" type="NodeSplinePath" my="0"/>
                <node idObject="1002532" mx="0" nodeType="Contour" type="NodePoint" my="0"/>
                <node idObject="1002533" mx="0" nodeType="Contour" type="NodePoint" my="0"/>
                <node idObject="1002534" mx="0" nodeType="Contour" type="NodePoint" my="0"/>

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  1. David Arnold reporter

    BTW, it would be nice to be able to hide point names :) I sometimes cannot select a point becaus it has gotten so cluttered... As a sidenote.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    BTW, it would be nice to be able to hide point names :) I sometimes cannot select a point becaus it has gotten so cluttered... As a sidenote.

    You can use labels for selecting points.

  3. David Arnold reporter

    The point is that at an angle of 179 in the first picture, in detail mode, the D11 point is simply left out, while it's duly included into the detail construction.

    At an angle of 180, things show normally.

    Because this is so weird to me, I titled it "strange issue".

    The O4 is the middle point of a SplPath which is collocated in "reverse" mode.

  4. David Arnold reporter

    I was able to isolate the section out of the bigger pattern, by replacing formulas by actual values. In the annexed file change the marked angle of the O4 point to 180 and the detail will show correctly. Change it back to 179 and in detail D11 will be left out...

  5. David Arnold reporter

    How did you create more than 1'000'000 objects? o_0

    In order to be able to copy-mirror a finished piece, I duplicated the corresponding parts in the xml, then I made the transformations for mirroring manually. In order to fix id conflicts, but without having the hassle to reconstruct them, I prefixed them with another ^10

    That consumes just less time than reconstructing the piece from scratch and was more reliable in my case.

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