Error: Valentina closes on 'Zoom Best Fit'

Issue #481 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit Valentina v0.5.0.1101a build revision 8046c790d69c

The 'Zoom Best Fit' button causes Valentina to close. It happens with any pattern, but I can't cause it to reproduce at will. It seems to happen only after many changes have been made in a given session. If a crash occurs with 'Zoom Best Fit', and the same file is reopened, 'Zoom Best Fit' will work.

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  1. Barbara Weberkind

    I think I can reproduce this. I will try to attach the files, then comment again to describe how to reproduce.

  2. Barbara Weberkind

    To reproduce, first delete the large arc at the bottom (at the hipline), then delete its center point, which is a point well above the pattern, called 'ÜberScheitelPunkt'. Deleting, for me, still works, but when I then want to zoom to best fit, I get the exception shown in the screenshot.

    There is a readme file which describes the pattern and the way to reproduce in more detail. It also describes another error that can be reproduced with this file.

  3. Barbara Weberkind

    agle -> angle , demosnstrates -> demonstrates. Apologies for the typos in the readme file.

  4. Susan Spencer reporter

    Thanks Barbara. Yes I remember that the 'Zoom Best Fit' crash for me always occurred after deletions.

  5. Barbara Weberkind

    In vmaingraphicsscene.cpp line 195 pp:

    void VMainGraphicsScene::SetOriginsVisible(bool visible)
        foreach (QGraphicsItem *item, origins)

    Must be one graphics item it doesn't like. Maybe the deleted one?

  6. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Looks like, but better to find why the application delete one or all origins.

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