Error: Measurements File Sync dialog box never returns. Win10, MSVC

Issue #488 resolved
Barbara Weberkind created an issue

Open a .val file with indovidual measurements. Go Create/Edit. Make some change to the measurements. Save and close.

Valentina displays the message box "Measurements was changed. Do you want to sync measurements now?"

Clicking "Yes" or "No" doesn't make a difference, the message box closes, then comes up again, and again, and againin an infinite loop. Valentina is unusable and has to be killed or aborted in the debugger.

This is defintely a Qt bug. It happens in mainwindow.cpp, line 1534ff:

            const auto answer = QMessageBox::question(this, tr("Measurements"),
                                                  tr("Measurements was changed. Do you want to sync measurements now?"),
                                                      QMessageBox::Yes|QMessageBox::No, QMessageBox::Yes);
            if (answer == QMessageBox::Yes)

But the QMessageBox.question() never returns, it never gets to the 'if answer =='.

Qt5.6.0 on Win10_64.

Full backtrace is attached, obviously creates an infinite recursion in Qt.

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