New feature: Sewing Instructions attachment

Issue #499 closed
Timo Virtaneva created an issue

The pattern is not always enough.

There should be instructions how use the pattern and the sewing instructions.

Addition to the seam allowances there are several other parts like button panel in the shirt, where is added fabric for the panel. You need the sewing instructions to make it correct to fit in to the collar.

The easiest way is to add the instructions as a .PDF attachment to the pattern using a field in Pattern Properties.

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  1. Susan Spencer

    There are additional documents that can be associated with the pattern such as Sewing instructions, tech pack, photo of finished garment, garment illustration.

    The pattern file could contain paths and filenames of these associated files in a <files></files> section.

    Valentina could have a function to add associated files. Valentina could have another function to create a .zip file of the pattern file, the measurement file, and associated files. The .zip file would unzip to a single directory of the pattern file name.

    See issue #457.

  2. Susan Spencer
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    Issue #457 is to bundle the pattern, measurements, and instructions together. This issue is for creating the instructions.

  3. Susan Spencer

    This issue is about a simple feature to allow a user to link a document .PDF by adding a document link field in Pattern Properties.

    Any discussion here about uploading to a patternshare website belongs with issue #457.

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